RESEARCH AND EDUCATION TO PROMOTE CONVERSION
                                                        TO SUSTAINABLE ENERGY

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Our Mission

It is the mission of Sustainable Energy Project to conduct research and disseminate educational information with the purpose of promoting the conversion to sustainable energy, with particular  emphasis in the area of plant and vegetable oils as a source of such energy.

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Organization Profile

Sustainable Energy Project was founded in 2003 as a not for profit organization.  The founder of Sustainable Energy Project is also the founder of Phasor Corporation, a for profit organization which is developing a line of generators powered by Diesel engines which have been modified to run on straight vegetable oil.  These generators can be used to generate electrical power in grid tied or stand alone power applications, or in applications to power hybrid electric vehicles and other transportation equipment, agricultural and construction machinery, marine vessels, and many other types of equipment.  (See Phasor Corporation is therefore in the business of developing, building and commercializing the equipment which will make vegetable oil a more viable source of sustainable energy, while Sustainable Energy Project has the mission of promoting the use of vegetable oil and other sustainable fuels, and performing the research and educational functions as outlined in the above Mission Statement.

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Collaboration Welcomed

Sustainable Energy Project welcomes any collaboration, volunteer efforts, or other assistance that will help in furthering the understanding and implementation of sustainable energy.  Some areas of particular interest that might be pursued are:


-Design educational programs to explore and demonstrate the science and technology involved in the production and processing of sustainable fuels, and the technology of the equipment that uses these fuels, and investigate the environmental, economic and political ramifications of using sustainable vs. non sustainable fuels worldwide.


- Conduct a survey of the current and potential world production of various plant and vegetable oils, determine which areas and which countries hold the greatest potential for production of these fuels, and determine the economics of production.


- Research the potential for production of oil or alcohol from algae or other marine plants or from other sources presently not used.


- Test various plant and vegetable oils in Diesel engines modified to run on these fuels.


- Conduct a search to determine which local, national or international organizations or agencies might aid in the efforts to promote the production and use of sustainable fuels throughout the world.  (e.g. United Nations agencies, non profit foundations)

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Contact Information

Telephone: 510 864-9900        FAX: 925 284-9442
Postal address:
3527 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Unit 309, Lafayette, CA 94549
General Information:

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