RESEARCH AND EDUCATION TO PROMOTE CONVERSION
                                                        TO SUSTAINABLE ENERGY

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Articles and Web Sites: The following articles and web sites on sustainable

                                      energy may be of interest:


The Moral Imperative

of Sustainable Energy  (Document #1) - A case for conversion to sustainable

                                                             energy sources based on our

                                                             obligation to future generations.


Home Grown Fuels  (Document #2) - A primer on fuels derived from

                                                         common, domestically producible

                                                         vegetable and plant oils, with

                                                         applications from transportation

                                                         to power generation.

Biodiesel vs Straight

Vegetable Oil -

Which Way to Go? (Document #3) - An objective analysis of the pros and

                                                       cons of each of these sustainable fuels.

Web Sites: - Information on diesel engine powered

                                        generators that run on vegetable oil, for use in

                                        hybrid electric vehicles or for grid tied or stand

                                        alone power generation. - Comprehensive statistics on world energy including

                                        data on proven oil reserves and production by

                                        geographical area. - Information on making Biodiesel fuel from used

                                   cooking oil and on using vegetable oil as a fuel in

                                   Diesel engines.  Links to other Biodiesel sources and

                                   to Biodiesel Discussion Forum. - A primer on petroleum

                                                                                oil, with additional

                                                                                links. - Information on long term

                                                                           world crude oil supply. - Information on renewable

                                                                   energy, with additional links.

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